Monday, May 07, 2007

A post from last Monday

I have taken a break from posting and I am ready to return. Hopefully I can continue more regularly.

Writing is a very relaxing part of life for me, things are always so busy. Which is why I started this blog from the very begining in the student lounge of the University that I was a student at.

Yesterday I got some of the worst news I have recieved in a long time. A friend and mentor of mine called me and sounded upset. He informed me that one of our friends had died at war in Iraq. I haven't had a friend or someone I know pass in a long time.

According to a local paper, a striker was struck by a road side bomb.

Prayer has sense then been more regular in my life than ever. Praying for his wife, and their families. As well as the other 5 soldiers' familes who have lost their loved ones during this attack. If you are reading this and pray to God, please take a moment to pray for these families and spouses for healing and help.

War is a hard thing to handle.

Thank you for those who serve and protect us.

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