Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Day 6 and 7

I put these two days into one update because they went by so fast.

Day 6:

We woke up and spent some time getting ready for our first two groups in Ramstein. We had our first Donner's for lunch before we went to the groups. The first group was wonderful. They had a good group show up and had students lead. They actually had some really great idea's for some good messy games. After group a few of us hung out with a guy named Ren from the group who was just a hilarious kid to hang out with. The other group was filled with people who really reminded me of what it was like to be a military kid. A new friend of mine (L.A. Scott) gave a great message, and the group had some real good worship. It was a wonderful service. I loved every bit of it! Afterwards Scott, Anthony, Christina and I went out for a couple of hours to just hang out and chill. Good times!

Day 7:

Today we woke up and excited to go visit two more groups from Vogelweh. The first group went to the Schwimmbad (which is like a mini wild wives indoors). It was soo fun and they really run that thing much better than most American companies do. This was one of Anthony's groups so it was really good to see how he lead his ministry here. Good students and a great program! The second group was a bit smaller and a little more low key. Anthony lead a really good Bible study on the crucifixion in the book of John. Although only 3 students showed up I really hope that they took what he had to say because it even inspired me. These groups remind me in some ways as the group back home, but in other ways they are different in good ways. This experience has really brought me back to my small memories of being a military kid. It has just been such a great trip so far to see this work being done over here for the military community.


Tomorrow we will be leaving Anthony and Jessica. It will actually be very sad for me, I have grown attached to the both of them. They are both such wonderful people. They have been so polite and open to us staying at their home and have also been great friends to Christina and I. I hope that I will be seeing them again on a longer term sometime in the future.

If anybody is interested in learning more about Anthony and Jessica's ministry I have their website on my links section. They could always use more support and now they have a baby girl on the way! So if you are reading this and want to read about a great ministry visit their sight!

That is day 6 and 7....

Tomorrow is France.

Until then,


Mike said...

CRAP! I missed the start of the Germany blog. I hate reading back stuff. It is good to hear you made it.

Tim said...

Its really weird when you are inspired by a lesson geared toward middle schoolers. That was my night tonight, and Mike threw it together two hours before hand. He's got skill, and a nice kilt.