Monday, August 14, 2006

Day 5 in Germany

Day 5,

I woke up on this Monday morning after getting the best sleep I have had in a long time. Not bad for being in another country! This morning we went with Anthony to his office while he did some work. Christina did "work" while she was trying to win at Spider (the card game). Anthony got a lot of work straight with the chaplin and also got a new computer hooked up for his office. I spent most of this time either reading or shadowing what anthony and his chaplin were talking about. Afterwards Anthony dropped Christina and I off at downtown K-town (as the American's call it) so that we could spend some time by the stores and go shopping while they went to get other stuff done.

Once we came home Christina and I took a walk around their neighboorhood where I picked up some icecream and where we found many closed shops. Even pubs were closed by 6:00p.m., kind of odd. Anyways their may have been a picture or two taken that I will post later. Until then....


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