Saturday, August 12, 2006

Day 3 in Germay

Today we woke up and ate breakfast <-- That is usually what people do!

After breakfast we went hiking up to an old abandon castle (burg) in Hohenecken. It was much smaller than the one we went to our first day but it was really cool because you could climb all over it. If I were a local kid I would totally treat this as my fort. There was also a German wedding just randomly being held there (pictures of this hike will be posted).

After the hike we went to Anthony and Jessica's staff meeting. Every once in a while Anthony will get together with his volunteer staff and discuss stuff over a meal and just take time to play games and hang out. It was really fun. We went to a soilders house who just graduated from West Point. He had a beautiful German house. I would love to live in some of the houses that we have seen so far. After the staff meeting and hiking we came back to Anthony and Jessica's house to relax and watch T.V. Right now we are watching Japanese television....SO FUNNY!

Until next time...


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