Friday, August 11, 2006

Day 1 part 2

So after reading my last post I noticed it seems as though I was complaining about sleeping and flying the whole time. The reason for this was probably the lack of sleep. So I am updating this with the details of stuff we did yesturday.

When we got off the plane and took care of everything I was so excited just to see signs and cars with German all over them. After Anthony and Jessica picked us up we stoped for coffee and a braut. Stoping for a braut was a very good idea, it has been a long time since I have had a German braut. Then we went to Schloss Heidelberg to look in an old castle. It was awesome! I will try and put up pictures of that later. Then we spent the afternoon in Heidelberg which is such a great town with many shops and cobblestone roads. Then we went to a small resturant for pizza and Fanta with Anthony and Jessica. There are resturants everywhere in Germany. After Heidelberg we went to an army base and then to the town of Ladenberg and ate at a resturant called Di Kartoffel which was by preserved old Roman walls. The resturant had been open since around the mid 1600's. Afterwords we went back to Anthony and Jessica's to hang out before sleeping.

Anthony and Jessica work as youth workers for military students through a Christian organization called Cadence. They have been so great to us by opening their home, food and immediate friendships to us. So far they have made this trip even better than I imagined.

As mentioned before I will try to post more with picture included.

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